2nd Chance Credit Program

We have more than 20-years in credit collection experience and 8 years as an owner operator of a collection company, This has given us a unique skills and knowledge necessary to help our clients properly repair their credit. We have helped hundreds of clients successfully complete the process and become homeowners. Please feel free to email or call us anytime to see how we can help you with your personal situation.

2013 - 24 2nd Chance Home owners Approved

2014 - 51 2nd Chance Home owners Approved

2015 - YTD 49 2nd Chance Home owners Approved

Benefits of the credit repair program:

  • You will receive a free copy of your credit report and an analysis of your personal credit to determine what needs to be done to increase your scores and repair your credit
  • We will provide a written credit repair plan specifically tailored for your personal situation
  • We will conference call creditors with you and help negotiate settlements
  • We will help you establish new credit if needed to help increase credit scores or develop credit if you do not presently have open accounts in good standing
  • You will learn how to use and maintain credit to avoid needing credit repair in the future
  • We will help and teach you how to dispute incorrect debt
  • We will help and teach you how to request old accounts be removed from your credit
  • We will teach you about your rights when you communicate with a collection company
  • We will help create a mutually agreeable strategy to complete a credit repair process on a time table that works best for you