Mortgage-itis, aka Finance-a-phobia, is an illness affecting home-owners, buyers and builders with specific, well-defined symptoms that may include irregular income, slow or nonexistent credit, renter’s hypertension and chronic high rates. Treatments are available through Bank of England Mortgage and their highly-dedicated team of loan physicians.

*If you believe you are suffering from mortgage-itis, call one of our M.D.s (Mortgage Doctors) and schedule a home physical today at (800) 485-1387

Mortgageitis Symptoms & Treatments

Do you suffer from irregular income? The various self-employed mortgages available may have more fine print that you can stomach.Our experienced loan officers can prescribe a course of treatment to plug the holes and prove your stability.

Broken rate of the ARM? Is your adjustable rate about to change? We can help you cast it with a fixed rate mortgage, with many options available to suit your needs.

Renting but wish you had the freedom of homeownership? Great news, you could pay less than what you are paying for rent to own your own home. You have many loan options with BOE, keep your blood pressure at a normal level and let us do the worrying for you. We will find the program that best fits your situation.

Aching due to a high rate? We can help you save money with a lower mortgage payment. No one likes a high rate and we have many options available.

Have you had some credit bumps along the way? We can help! We specialize in helping you cure those bumps and improving your situation so you can better loan option position.